Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Digital Holga!

The Digital Holga is NOT a german robot lady who bleaches your tighty whitey's for you every Monday afternoon. No, it's just a cheap way to make the boring digital camera make really dreamy photographs. At least that's what it did for me. I made it a long time ago for poops and giggles but it became my only alternative to my regular digital camera for a while. You see, I was broke, and for that matter, I still am, but I really prefer shooting with all my old, wacky, film cameras. However, when we moved across the country to Astoria, Oregon, I had no job prospects, and no moolah for film and chemicals. Sooooo, my only option was my digital camera. BORING!!! Then I remembered the crappy holga lens mount I had made a while back, complete with the lens cap with a hole cut into it to create the vignetting affect. So I popped it on, and went for a walk along the river, and made some of my most favorite images to date. Remember, it isn't what you shoot with, it's how you shoot. Or to shoot at all!

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