Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The First Blog

So here's my first official blog. I recently had my website critiqued on a web design forum, and by the great photographer Marc Atkins, and basically everyone tore it to shreds! Of course they were just trying to help, and they did, because I know absolutely nothing about web design. Some tips were to eliminate a few of my portfolio's, have a separate web page just for weddings, say something different in the "about me" section, and last, to have a link to a blog. Well, I narrowed down my portfolio's to include just my absolute favorites, and here I am starting up a blog. Don't go looking for me on Twitter anytime soon though. This is as far as I go for now. It's almost a full time job keeping up with all the pages a person can have now! As for the other recommendations... in due time.

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